Nulu Double Toasted French Oak 116PF WC4 Bourbon 750mL

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Type: Bourbon Whiskey
Country: United States
Region: Kentucky
Size: 750mL
ABV: 58%

Product Description:

Indulge in the exceptional Nulu Double Toasted Bourbon Whiskey, a coveted limited edition, exclusively tailored for the discerning West Coast enthusiasts, marked with the prestigious WC4 on each bottle. This remarkable whiskey, boasting a robust 116 proof, promises a distinctive and memorable tasting experience.

Tasting Notes:

  • Aroma: Inviting aromas of vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak mingle with subtle hints of warm spices, promising a depth of character.
  • Palate: The palate reveals the essence of toasted French oak staves, adding layers of complexity to this bourbon. Rich flavors of toffee, dark chocolate, and a hint of smoke intermingle with the intense spice of the high proof.
  • Finish: The finish is long-lasting and robust, leaving a warm and satisfying trail of sweet and savory notes that linger on the palate.

Distillery Background: Nulu Double Toasted Bourbon Whiskey is a testament to the time-honored artistry of a distinguished Kentucky distillery. With a legacy spanning generations, their commitment to crafting exceptional bourbon shines through in every sip.